Who we are

Since 2004, Paramitha Hospitals is transforming healthcare for mother and child. We provide high-quality healthcare for pregnant mothers, newborns and children covering every base from Gynecology and Maternal care to Pediatrics. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art level-III neonatal and pediatric intensive care units complimented by our expert physicians who come with decades of experience to provide the best care for you and your bundle of joy.


To make the world a better place for women and children

We envision a world where women have access to comprehensive healthcare services that address their unique needs. We strive to provide specialized medical care, including maternal health services, gynecological care, and reproductive health support. By focusing on the well-being of women, we aim to empower them to live their lives to the fullest.
For children, our vision is to ensure that every child receives the best possible medical treatment and support for their growth and development. We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can heal, learn, and flourish. Through our comprehensive pediatric care, we aim to contribute to a future where children have equal opportunities and a healthy start in life.


Our mission at Paramitha Children Hospital is to provide a wide range of specialized treatments at affordable prices in the mother and child segment. We accomplish this by maintaining low margins and focusing on high volumes through increased outreach. By offering accessible and high-quality healthcare services, we aim to ensure that every woman and child receives the medical care they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Our mission drives us to make a positive impact on the well-being of women and children, creating a brighter future for generations to come.


Bright minds , big hearts , the best medicine

At Paramitha Hospital, we are driven by a passion for healing. We understand the profound impact that healthcare has on individuals, families, and communities. With unwavering dedication, we go above and beyond to provide compassionate, personalized care that addresses the unique needs of each patient.
We recognize that healing is not solely physical; it encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our team approaches every interaction with empathy, kindness, and respect, acknowledging the holistic nature of health. Through our big hearts, we create a safe and nurturing environment where patients can heal, recover, and regain their strength.
We believe in the power of medicine to transform lives. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, research-backed treatments, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we deliver the best medicine to our patients. We stay at the forefront of medical advancements and practices, ensuring that our patients receive the most effective and innovative care available.
At Paramitha Hospital, we are honored to be a part of your healthcare journey. We stand by our motto, "A Passion for Healing, Because Life Matters," as a reminder of our unwavering dedication to your well-being. Trust us to provide the compassionate care, expertise, and support you need to navigate your path to wellness.

Our values

At Paramitha Children Hospital, we strongly believe in providing quality care at an affordable price. Our mission is to ensure that every child receives the best possible medical treatment without burdening their families financially. We understand the importance of accessible healthcare, and we are committed to offering high-quality services that are within reach of all families.
Ethical practice is at the core of everything we do. We value integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our interactions. Our dedicated team of medical professionals upholds the highest ethical standards to ensure the well-being and trust of our patients and their families. At Paramitha Children Hospital, we prioritize ethical decision-making and always strive to do what is right for our patients.
To achieve our mission and vision, we believe in making people aware of what we do. We actively engage with the community to spread awareness about our services, initiatives, and advancements in pediatric care. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their child's healthcare. We conduct educational programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns to ensure that everyone has access to accurate information and resources.
At Paramitha Children Hospital, we not only prioritize the well-being of our patients but also value the members of our own organization and community. We believe in treating everyone with empathy and compassion. Our team fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where each member is valued and respected. We encourage collaboration and open communication to create a positive work culture that translates into exceptional care for our patients.
Join us at Paramitha Children Hospital, where our values are the driving force behind every action we take. Experience the assurance of quality care at an affordable price, guided by our commitment to ethical practice. Together, let us make a difference in the lives of children and their families with empathy, compassion, and a shared vision of a healthier future. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can be a part of your child's healthcare journey.

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